Youth Theatre Playwright and Author

Hello and welcome to this small portal into my world.  I am a youth theatre playwright and author/writer, predominantly specialising in youth theatre plays.  I also perform and direct in any number of different formats.  I have a love for all things theatrical.  Whilst the majority of my output is theatre based, I also enjoy short stories, Poetry, blogging and novel writing (Though not necessarily in that order)

My plays are published by Smith Scripts and Lazy Bee.

Whilst I am available for commissions, you can see from the current projects page, I am rather busy.  I will always try to be completely honest as far as deadlines are concerned.

I am politically active, in that I have opinions, which I will sometimes share.  I am not a member of any political party, but the disgusting treatment of the Arts and Education in general under this government does make me politically active.  I am  a Trade Union member in that I belong to Equity.  I am also a Town Councillor.

This page represents my own personal views on all sorts of things, and does not represent the views of any of the organisations that I run, own, or am in any way associated with.  That’s the excuses out of the way…..

I like to explore subject like mental health, social mobility, freedom of the press and attitudes towards gender and sexuality through my writing.  Sometimes this leads to some quite “heavy” writing, but invariably, it can just lead to bad jokes.  I hope my work is geared towards performance, as I realise the annoyance felt when you perform a play that has been written by somebody with no apparent idea of costume changes, pacing and any other theatrical device that make a play worth watching.

I also enjoy writing straightforward pantomimes and jukebox musicals, but always ask the audience to reflect what they are watching back upon themselves.