I have written many plays, predominantly for youth theatre.  Several of these have been published through LazyBee Scripts and SmithScripts, and as a result have been performed all over the world.  Whilst it doesn’t pay for the roof over my head, I am always utterly delighted when anyone decided to pay for my work.

Plays Published to date

Youth Plays

Urban Hymns

Stop the Clocks


Screw Your Courage

Rings Around the World

Opening Doors


A Kind of Magic

Rabid for a Peace – (A new take on Lysistrata)



In Our World


Adult Plays

A Carol’s Christmas

Audio Plays

Carry Me Home Part One

Carry Me Home Part Two

Other Plays

Robin Hood the Pantomime

Peter Pan the Pantomime

Aladdin the Pantomime

Snow White the Pantomime

I Come and Stand at Every Door (A Ghost Story)

Diamonds are for Trevor – A Murder Mystery

Move with the Ocean – An Environmental Whoodunnit fo young people

Jukebox Musicals for young Casts

The Strain of Thrones
What the Dickens?
Romeo and Juliet – The True Story
Peter Pan
Grimm to the Woods
A Space Oddity
Larry Blotter and the Hoot in the Night
The Terror of St Trinians