The passing of time, and all of it’s crimes

I reached the grand old age of 49 yesterday, and had a quiet, but pleasant day with my lovelies.  This time next year, I found myself saying, I will be moaning about reaching fifty.  Well on receiving some sad news this morning, I think I might revise that prediction.  I am not going to moan about another day on this crazy old earth.  I shall treasure the little moments, like hand feeding our rat with passionfruit cheesecake (She is on her last legs bless her).  I will enjoy the ups and downs of life, and try to celebrate everything…I may have a long time left, It may only be brief, but I shall try my best to cherish it all with the wide eyed enthusiasm of the young lad I used to play Football and Cricket with on those endless summer days of my youth…RIP John x

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